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TechnoAlpin USA Inc.

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TechnoAlpin USA Inc.
The world’s leading supplier for designing and building turnkey snowmaking systems. Products include fan guns, snow lances, pumping plants, cooling towers, valve blocks, pits, etc

TechnoAlpin has been designing and building turnkey snowmaking systems for ski resorts all over the world since 1990. The company’s passion for snow and its enthusiasm for innovative solutions have made it the world’s leading supplier. The top priority of the company is to find the ideal solution for each individual customer. Every system is designed with painstaking attention to detail and is tailored to the customer’s specific needs. The product range is constantly growing, with a view to producing top-quality snow and maximizing energy efficiency. In addition to turnkey outdoor solutions, TechnoAlpin also offers various options for indoor snowmaking, opening doors for unique adventures in the snow all over the world. Over 2,400 customers in more than 50 countries in the world trust in the know-how of TechnoAlpin. Approx. 600 employees at 34 sites represent the company at the local level.

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