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ericPRINOTH is proud to announce the appointment of Eric Kerlin to the position of Snow Grooming Sales Representative for the regions of South East & Mid-Atlantic.

Eric has been closely involved with the PRINOTH brand of snow groomers for several years. In his past role, he took care of all aspects of vehicle maintenance at his resort. Also benefiting from a good product knowledge background he will be a great addition to the PRINOTH sales team.

Eric’s cell phone number will be 717-816-7426.

Chris Weaver will be taking on the role of Regional Distribution Center Operations Manager for the Far West region. Chris has been with PRINOTH for 6 years and as such, he has a deep and intimate knowledge of the Far West market and all PRINOTH’s customer needs, as well as a complete understanding of all aspects of the operation of our Reno office.

Chris’s cell number is 503-970-6585

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