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All-season  Lift

Team Service, based in Italy, was established in 1996 and serves customers in 22 countries, including Canada and the U.S., on four continents.

It all started by developing a conveyor belt to transport and manage a high number of skiers at ski resorts and ski areas. The extreme versatility and advantages of the conveyor belt have expanded its use in the tourism sector to hotels, amusement parks, water parks, exhibitions and sport facilities, with lengths of 300 meters and greater. The conveyors are durable and run true in sun, rain, ice or snow. They can be used 365 days a year to transport people, boats, inflatables and anything else imaginable.

The constant passion to improve the product and satisfy customer needs has led to the development of three different models: Start, Easy and Premium. The three models are designed to cover every market segment from the shortest required conveyor belt length to the longest, and give the operator the necessary performance to complete their job in less time. All three models are constructed with heavy duty material, which guarantees a long product life. Installation is simple and quick, thanks to the modular interlocking system that comes with height-adjustable feet.

The Start model is the latest addition to the Team Service range. It reaches a maximum length of 42 meters and is suitable for customers who need to purchase a conveyor belt at an affordable price. Designed for simple uses, the Start model is perfect for small ski resorts and ski schools that are mostly frequented by beginner riders.

The electrical functions and control column are very simple to use. Focal point LED lights automatically flash a red-light to alert an operator of any error and indicates the exact location of the error. It is also possible to adjust the speed, turn the system on and off and stop the conveyor belt in case of an emergency. The control column incorporates the conveyor’s internal electronics, which makes accessing the electrical panel and its removal extremely easy and quick. The control panel is reduced in size compared to the Easy and Premium models.

Available in 650 mm, 810 mm and 1,200 mm widths, the Easy model has more extended functions. As it is the most versatile model that Team Service offers, the Easy model is used in different contexts, from the smallest to the most complex plans. The advanced management software from Siemens allows control over a series of functions. It is possible to change the speed, locate any error that may occur, view data related to the number of passengers and hours of use. The customer can manually control the infrared resistance, activating the snow melt under the unloading station. Multiple options can be added in addition to the standard electronics, which increase functionality and offer targeted customization of the system.

The Premium model is aesthetically and mechanically similar. As the most complete conveyor belt of Team Service’s offerings, it features extremely advanced, innovative technology. The conveyor lift is controlled by a 12.1-inch-monitor with high brightness and an anti-glare touchscreen. From the touchscreen control panel, the operator can turn the conveyor on and off, adjust the speed, see the amount of transported people, hours of operation, kilowatts used and list of alarms. This data is stored in an Excel file and can be downloaded anytime with a USB drive.

Each involuntary stop is displayed on the monitor, including the name and location of the error to assist the operator. It is also possible to enable or disable the occupancy detector on the boarding station. This function offers great energy savings on low traffic days. If enabled, the conveyor lift will remain stationary until a person arrives at the starting position, and resumes operation at the previously selected speed.

The Premium model has several unique features including an ice and snow cleaning system. This prevents ice from forming at night by activating an infrared lamp under the driving station. An ultrasonic sensor also detects the amount of snow present and decides when to initiate this function.

Additional options are available such as a rotating brush to ensure better cleaning of the rubber belt surface, the side platforms for safety and convenience and the automatic pump for continuous and optimal tensioning of the belt.

The Start, Easy and Premium models can be connected to the internet for remote assistance 24/7 by Team Service technicians. This assistance is particularly useful and appreciated as it gives the possibility to solve almost immediately   all malfunction problems that may occur.

The installation of a camera system allows constant monitoring in real time and access to recorded footage. The camera information and data can be retrieved from electronic devices such as computers, smartphones and tablets.

In recent years, many projects have been completed in North America thanks to the collaboration of Team Service’s North American distribution and technical support team. In the United States, two separate locations are conveniently based to serve the west and east regions. Pfister Mountain Service LLC in New Hampshire, and Sun Valley Ski Tools from Idaho. In Canada, Samuele Piana is based in Ontario and coordinates with the team from there.

In 2020, Team Service had the pleasure of completing several important projects. Silver Mountain Resort in Idaho received a 1,200-mm-wide Premium model conveyor lift. The length was 200 meters, with the addition of a wide polycarbonate cover that guarantees constant protection from bad weather. The conveyor’s cover will avoid snow accumulation on top of the lift, increasing comfort and safety while reducing maintenance and cleaning time.

Two Premium model conveyor lifts were also recently installed in Nevada at Sky Tavern with lengths of 151 and 82 meters. Hoodoo Ski Area in Oregon is operating their recently installed Team Service lift with a polycarbonate cover.

Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville in Canada – which has one of the world’s largest ski schools – first installed a Team Service lift in 2016, and then lengthened the conveyor the next year. They use the Premium model with a 1,200 mm width and a length of 190 meters. They have since added two 650-mm-wide carpets: one in 2017 and the next in 2020; both have lengths of 220 meters.

Team Service also produces loading carpets for fixed and detachable chairlifts. The factory produces loading carpets for two-, three- to four-, and six-seat chairlifts, made in the standard and liftable version.

Among the most notable of these are the installations made in Italy to the Biok Chairlift at San Cassiano, in Alta Badia, the Mottolino in Livigno, Alagna in Valsesia and the Montesel chairlift at Monte Bondone in the province of Trento. All of these ski areas are appreciating the highly reliable loading carpets and taking advantage of the Team Service technology.

The liftable option is extremely useful as it entails a series of benefits including increased hourly capacity and lower operating costs with a reduction of employees required to assist in boarding operations. The lifting of the belt platform allows a comfortable seat for children who no longer require the chairlift to slow down or have staff assist them to sit.

The lift can be operated manually by the operator or automatically. The automated mode has a series of lasers installed inside the portal of the entrance gate. These laser sensors measure the height of the passengers and automatically activate the lift of the platform in the presence of those with a height less than 1.2 meters (47 inches).

The gates are produced with stainless steel, full LED and customizable to accommodate any need. The gates light up green to signal users one second before opening for boarding. Likewise, one second before closing, the gates light up red to warn the user to stop.

Team Service is involved with every step of the process, including planning, design and installation. This includes site placement, facilitating any necessary groundwork for lift stability and the preparation of all required documents.