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Time flies when you’re having fun

I sincerely hope you had a fantastic summer and are eager and ready to get North America’s winter season kicked-off! After the National Ski Areas Association reported another record season for winter 2021-22 (61 million visits), I think industry is excited to see if we can set another record for a third year in a row. Good luck to all!

As we continuously look to improve guest experience on our slopes, you’ll want to read this issue’s Cover Story. Writer Jim Timlick caught up with two U.S. ski resorts to learn why they chose to install Sunkid’s Moving Carpet system on their beginner area slopes.

Climate change continues to have unpredictable effects on industry. (How many of us predicted that some North American slopes would be offering turns in July?) While the extension to the season was welcome, all too frequently a lack of snow is becoming the norm. A European refrigeration company is applying their knowledge in that sector to snowmaking; employing refrigeration technology to create snow in summer-like conditions. Get the full story here.

Attracting and retaining employees continues to be a struggle for many North American ski resorts and ski areas, particularly for executive positions. Learn how Mountain Hire, a recruiting firm specifically for senior leadership positions at U.S. ski resorts and areas, can help fill these important roles.

Those of us who enjoy hitting the slopes are well aware of the inherent risks; accidents can happen in a split second. So can sudden cardiac arrest. Considering the chance of survival significantly declines if life-saving intervention is not administered within three minutes, the need for ski resorts and ski areas to have automated external defibrillators accessible throughout the area should be considered more than a “nice to have.” Read more here.

On a personal note, after five years as SnowOps’ editor, the time has come for me to pass the torch. When I began working on this publication, I was tasked with expanding our coverage from a dedicated snow grooming magazine, to encompassing all aspects of on-slope operations, while maintaining coverage on trail operations. It was a tall order and I thank our dedicated readership for sticking with us as we pivoted. With your January 2023 issue, you will meet the new SnowOps editor, Ligia Braidotti, who I have every confidence will carry SnowOps into its next era as a leader in North American snow operations coverage. As for me, I’ll still be around, just moving into a more behind the scenes role.

As always, I hope that you enjoy this issue of SnowOps. If you have any comments on this issue (or any issue), or suggestions on how we can make SnowOps serve you better, we’d love to hear it. Don’t forget, if you haven’t already, to like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter. 

Happy snow season,


Lindsay Risto