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ADG’S Newest Mountain Coaster Opens at Copper Mountain

(Cohoes, NY) Aquatic Development Group, Inc. announces that their ADG Mountain Coaster has now opened at Copper Mountain Resort in Frisco, CO. This mountain coaster is one of the longest alpine coasters in North America featuring a scenic ascent and a thrilling descent of twists & turns through the high-alpine forest.

“The Rocky Mountain Coaster is an ideal year-round attraction for just about everyone,” said Gary Rodgers, Copper Mountain’s President and GM. “We hope to see grandparents going down with their grandkids and the kids-at-heart taking a ride with their friends and family.” 

The ADG designed and manufactured Mountain coaster has a track of 5,800 feet, including a total descent of almost 4,000 feet, and a vertical drop of 430 feet. The raised alpine coaster track runs along the natural curvature of the mountain with zigs, zags, dips, and 360 degree turns for guaranteed thrills all the way down to Copper’s high alpine Center Village. Copper Mountain is planning to run the mountainside attraction during both the summer and winter for optimal year-round attendance. 

ADG’s Mountain Coaster is an American-made customized attraction that provides year-round excitement and increased revenues. The ADG Mountain Coaster is a driver controlled ride and with the ability to control your own speed up to 25 miles per hour, this ride appeals to guests of every age and thrill level. 

“Working with ADG to install our newest resort attraction has been a great experience. The Rocky Mountain Coaster at Copper is going to be an exciting addition to our winter and summer offerings,” says Shawn McDonald, Director of Mountain Sports at Copper Mountain. “ADG’s ability to be flexible, focus on safety and a passion for what they do confirmed ADG was the obvious choice.” 

The cost to ride is $25 with a special discount for guests who want to experience the thrilling ride more than once!

About ADG: 

ADG designs and builds recreational attractions that enhance ski resorts by creating year-round, revenue-driving destination experiences. Their advances in the development of the Alpine Mountain Coaster and Mountain Slide products have led to industry changing technologies that are quickly becoming the new standard in mountainside attractions. They currently have rides installed at Killington Mountain, Camelback Resort and other top ski resorts throughout North America. For more information please visit