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Canadian mountain associations develop the CISM

Mountain associations in Canada have joined to develop a Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) Team of Peer Responders who offer debrief and defusing services, follow-up peer support and other resources to mountain professionals (e.g. patrol and guides) who have experienced critical incidents.

CISM is designed to prevent or mitigate development of post-traumatic stress after critical incidents, including injury or death of a client or colleague in the field, multi-casualty incidents, body recovery, suicide of a colleague or other consequential events. Trained Peer Responders lead sessions immediately after the incident, where the affected group comes together in a supportive, confidential environment to talk about their experiences, roles and reactions, without blame.

CISM can help workers defuse highly charged emotional situations, return them to full productivity, improve mental health, increase morale and reduce resignations of highly trained professionals from critical incident stress symptoms.

The CISM team is available to ski area mountain practitioners such as patrol members and guides following a critical incident.

Call the dispatch line to access the volunteer Peer Responder Team at 1-604-670-2772.