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In the Snow

Prinoth launches contest for snowmobile clubs: Tales from the Trails

Prinoth is pleased to announce the launch of its Tales from the Trails contest for snowmobiles clubs in North America.

Registered snowmobile clubs must send a written testimonial (1 entry), a testimonial and image (2 entries) or a video (3 entries) about their experience with either a Prinoth or Bombardier snow groomer. Content must be sent to

First prize is a 2020 Ski-Doo Expedition Sport or a discount on the purchase of a new Prinoth snow groomer. Second prize is a Prinoth clothing package (shirt, cap and winter work gloves). Third prize (10 to be won) is a Prinoth trail grooming lunch box.

Contest is open until May 15, 2020. 

Prinoth appoints new snow grooming sales representative for the Intermountain U.S.A. Region

Prinoth is pleased to announce the appointment of its new sales representative Justin Holmgren for the Intermountain U.S.A. Region. Holmgren will be supported by Prinoth’s Salt Lake office.

With vast experience in sales, Holmgren comes to Prinoth with great knowledge of customer account management. As well, he has worked for several Utah-based large-scale companies in the B2B and heavy machinery (snow groomer) segments.

He also comes with resources and great leadership with a strong passion and connection to the alpine industry as an avid skier and having previously worked close to and with ski areas. With Holmgren joining the Prinoth team, all resort customers will feel a continued and dedicated focus in that market.

Customers can contact Holmgren at 435-760-2403 or

International Snowmobile Hall of Fame

Founded in 1984 by Elmer Cone of Bovey, Minn., the International Snowmobile Hall of Fame (ISHOF) is on display inside the World Snowmobile Headquarters in Eagle River, Wis.

Since its founding, over 125 individuals representing the recreational side of snowmobiling have been inducted into this prestigious Hall of Fame. They represent trail developers, volunteers, journalists, promoters, industry, adventurers, legislators, club founders and others who have shown tremendous dedication to the sport of snowmobiling. They are the true foundation of the sport. Without them, snowmobiling would not have become the premier winter sport that it is.

Each year, a selected few inductees and special award recipients are added to the Hall of Fame. A few are well known. Many are known only in their local area, state or province. At the World Snowmobile Headquarters, they are all showcased with the honor and recognition they so deserve.

ISHOF was founded to provide a place for the snowmobiling community, governments and related organizations to recognize the dedicated individuals related to the worldwide sport of snowmobiling. These dedicated individuals are the heartbeat of snowmobiling. Their goal has been building the infrastructure for the sport including communicating any barriers that may exist. With many hands and minds, they’ve all helped to build bridges between nature and various user groups to coincide together. Teamwork that has helped everyone respect our natural resources and the rights of those who use them responsibly.

ISHOF will record into its archives the achievements of the visions each individual has portrayed, in the development of the machines, infrastructure, local and international organizations, along with the artifacts of their visions that led to recognizing the historical infrastructure for the sport of snowmobiling and displaying the evolution of the snowmobile, from first beginnings to current years and on.