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Mattracks celebrating three decades of innovation

Mattracks, the inventor and manufacturer of the original rubber track conversion system, is celebrating a significant milestone, its 30th year in business. First designed, patented and released to the public in 1994 by Glen Brazier with the inspiration from his then 11-year-old son, Matt, Mattracks has not only grown into the first rubber track conversion product of its kind, but the entire industry surrounding it as well.

Three decades ago, no type of rubber track conversion system existed on any market. Matt made a drawing of a large truck with tracks in place of tires, and asked his dad, “Can we make something like this?”

The rest is history; a revolutionary product and an entire industry were born. The original Mattracks model was built exclusively for full-sized pickups, transforming them into a dual-purpose machine with never-before-seen tank-like features. One huge advantage of the company’s revolutionary track design remains the “conversion” aspect, allowing the user of the vehicle to conveniently switch from tires to tracks or vice versa in under an hour’s time. Mattracks soon caught the eye of numerous high-profile media outlets seeking to cover the innovation; this in turn opened the floodgates to the world and the international market.

Thirty years later, Mattracks is widely recognized not only for being the first rubber track manufacturer, but also for its exceptional product quality, safety and service. Headquartered in Karlstad, Minn. (northwest corner of the state), Mattracks has hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers located across 150 countries and all seven continents. The Mattracks product line has experienced significant growth and continual innovation with over 170 different models and counting. Today, Mattracks rubber track conversion systems are manufactured for virtually any multi-axle vehicle, including ATVs, UTVs, SUVs, trucks, heavy-duty agricultural and construction equipment, the military and even the motion picture industry.

“There have been a great many milestones taken place since the inception of Mattracks, but 30 years of innovation is the one I’m perhaps most proud of,” said Mattracks founder and CEO Glen. “We’ve come a long way. What began as a piece of my son’s childhood imagination has taken a life all its own, transforming into a product that has solved traction-related challenges across the world as well as an entire industry. I’m proud to say that 30 years is just the beginning for Mattracks!”