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PRINOTH and Today’s Parks are proud to announce their partnership for the construction of snowparks in Eastern Canada.

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PRINOTH North American Headquarters, Granby, Quebec, November 12 2018 – PRINOTH and Today’s Parks are proud to announce their partnership for the construction of snowparks in more than 15 ski areas and municipalities in Quebec and in the Maritime. Thanks to the PRINOTH BISON X groomer, Today’s Parks plans to create snowparks that meet the expectations of extreme winter sports enthusiasts and will once again dazzle the public attending various events at which the company participates as an official supplier.

A partnership for the benefit of ski resorts

“At Today’s Parks, productivity, reliability and accuracy are paramount in the design of our snow parks and event courses. In 15 years of experience, we have built, with a wide variety of snow groomers, hundreds of snow structures, in a multitude of climatic conditions. Thereby, we quickly concluded that PRINOTH, with its BISON X model, offers the best product on the market for the construction and maintenance of the snowparks we create. The signing of this partnership with PRINOTH makes us very enthusiastic and we are confident that it will allow us to increase the efficiency of our operations and the quality of our final product.” – Guillaume Fournier, co-owner of Today’s Parks.

“Since its beginning, PRINOTH has always valued the Eastern Canadian market and has worked extensively with Today’s Parks in the past with great success. It was therefore appropriate to collaborate more with this team of creative and ultra-professional young entrepreneurs. We are convinced that with using the BISON X, Today’s Parks will deliver the highest level of satisfaction possible to their clients.” – Martin LaRichelière, Eastern Canadian Sales Representative.

Renown for being THE benchmark for snowpark builds, the BISON X snowgroomer is equipped of an ultra-clean engine (Tier 4 Final compliant), a PRINOTH POSIFLEX Tiller, a 12-way blade, the best in cab comfort and has special features dedicated to the construction of snowparks. It has all the assets sought for unparalleled precision and efficiency. PRINOTH and Today’s Parks will shape the future of your mountains and keep snowboarders and skiers on the move.

About Today’s Parks

With 13 years of hands-on experience, Today’s Parks specializes in the design and creation of snow parks and events. Today’s Parks provides consulting services in design, creation, construction and management of snowparks, as well as the development of content strategies focused on skiing and snowboarding. It is their service flexibility based on cost reduction and profitability, their efficient construction and snow optimization processes, their experience in building safe parks and their 100% turnkey aspect, which earns them their success today.

About PRINOTH, a High Technology Industries (HTI) member

PRINOTH, an international company with a solid track record, is proud to be part of the HTI Group. This group of globally competitive high- tech companies is constantly striving to offer innovative products and exceptional service. In PRINOTH’s case, its expertise in building snow groomers and other machinery such as tracked utility vehicles has translated into designing the world’s cleanest and most efficient fleet. The HTI group’s worldwide presence is based on 63 subsidiaries and 127 sales and service points. Production locations and offices are found in ten different countries, all centralized to our markets: the Alps (Italy, France, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Slovakia), Scandinavia (Sweden), USA, Canada, China and India. One of the group main strengths is the workforce with 3,380 employees.