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Prinoth Presents Its First Sustainability Overview Report

Granby, Qc, May 19, 2020 – PRINOTH is proud to present its very first annual corporate Sustainability Overview report which showcases the company’s key sustainable initiatives in relation with various segments of its activities. The main topics addressed in the easy to read 18-page document include the following:

  • Leadership Messages
  • Sustainability Highlights
  • Sustainable Mindset
  • Innovation for Optimization
  • People and Communities
  • Operations and Environment

“Throughout our history of providing efficient snow grooming vehicles, sustainability has animated many of our development strategies and strengthened our growth in North America,” mentions Walter Piekarz, Vice President of Snow Grooming Sales. “More than ever we must take care of this fragile environment we all live in, therefore we are committed to deliver products and services that will support our customers in their quest to reach the highest level of sustainability possible.”

PRINOTH’s first Sustainability Overview illustrates the company’s clear intention to move forward with even greater sustainable initiatives in the near future. Besides cleaner engine technologies, PRINOTH’s very own SNOW HOW platform already enables ski areas to efficiently monitor vehicles so their usage is optimized. The platform also allows Mountain Ops. to assess the snow coverage with great accuracy, enabling considerable savings in man-made snow, thus reducing the power & water demand.

The full report is available to download on PRINOTH’s website.


PRINOTH, an international company with a solid track record, is proud to be part of the HTI Group. This group of globally competitive high-tech companies is constantly striving to offer innovative products and exceptional service. In PRINOTH’s case, its expertise in building snow groomers and other machinery such as tracked utility vehicles has translated into designing the world’s most efficient fleet.

The HTI group’s worldwide presence is based on 63 subsidiaries and 127 sales and service points. Production locations and offices are found in ten different countries, all centralized to our markets: the Alps (Italy, France, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Slovakia), Scandinavia (Sweden), USA, Canada, China and India. One of the group main strengths is the workforce with 3,380 employees.