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Snowmobilers taking the pledge

ISMA members are joining together again this season with the snowmobile community with the Take The Pledge campaign.

The pledge is designed to ensure snowmobilers protect existing riding areas and trail systems for current and future generations and landowners who permit access to their property. 

Those who take the pledge agree to the following:

  • To ride off trail only where it’s legal and accepted.
  • To check before going off-trail if unsure.
  • To protect access for future generations by doing the right thing.
  • To protect access by encouraging those they ride with to take the pledge.

Snowmobilers enjoy over 120,000 miles of trails located on public and private land that have been built and maintained by snowmobile volunteers for over 40 years. 

Snowmobilers are joined in this effort by snowmobile clubs, snowmobile dealers, lodges and local chambers of commence, which all have a vested interest in maintaining responsible access. The campaign has been joined by snowmobile community leaders, ambassadors and celebrities who have also taken the pledge.

The pledge was created to make snowmobilers aware of the importance of recognizing the ownership of the land they ride on, and the impact they have on the landowners, their pets and their livestock. The record level of interest in enjoying the great winter outdoors demands attention to the awareness of legal riding areas and ensuring everyone riding knows the rules.

ISMA invites every snowmobiler to take the pledge at and encourages those they ride with to also take the pledge.