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Aftermarket Parts Partner

MTN Snow Equipment Inc. continues to expand to meet customers’ needs

Submitted by MTN Snow Equipment Inc.

MTN Snow Equipment Inc., is a family-owned mid-size company that manufactures track parts for on-snow and off-road vehicles. The company started off in 1982 as Beartrac LMC Canada Inc., which was the Canadian version of Logan Manufacture Company from Logan, Utah (LMC USA).

During that time, over 3,000 snow groomers were sold in Canada to ski hills, the snowmobile industry and the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) – the company’s biggest client at the time. In one year, Beartrac LMC Canada sold 30 to 40 machines to NORAD.

In 1998, LMC USA decided to close its doors. Obviously customers needed parts for their machines and were worried, so it was decided to change the company name to MTN Snow Equipment Inc., and continue to sell parts for the LMC groomers.

MTN Snow Equipment was making parts for only LMC machines and saw that their parts were as good, if not better, that their competitors. MTN Snow Equipment decided to begin manufacturing all other on-snow groomer vehicle tracks and special tracks for the oil industry. MTN Snow Equipment also buys and sells used snow cats for snowmobile customers, and fishing and hunting outfitters.

Now, MTN Snow Equipment is one of the largest aftermarket track parts manufacturers in North America for any on-snow equipment or groomer. They produce 90 percent of their parts in-house, which include sprockets, wheels, cleats and tire guides to complete tracks. All track parts are powder coat painted and the belting is from Germany; it has double the tensile strength of other track belts. MTN Snow Equipment carefully drills each belt to custom specifications.

About five times a year MTN Snow Equipment purchases between 40,000 to 60,000 pounds of special spring steel to produce their track products.

They have a strong dealer network working with Hans Hall USA (Western U.S.), All Cat Services (2015), Inc. (Western Canada) and Loch Lomond Equipment Sales (Central Canada). MTN Snow Equipment takes care of Eastern Canada and the Eastern U.S., and 90 percent of stock is available on their shelves. After six months of negotiations, MTN Snow Equipment is proud to announce that Beijing Slopetech LTD is representing their products in China.

MTN Snow Equipment is proactive in the ski industry as well as the snowmobile industry, and attends most of the conferences throughout Canada and the U.S. The company has been manufacturing their line of MTN Drags and compactor bars for several years, which are well accepted in the snowmobile industry. The models are four- to 12-feet wide.

The company is also active in the community, donating to several hospitals as well as donations to the Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Foundation. MTN Snow Equipment’s guarantee policy is different from other groomer/ on-snow vehicle companies: if you have issues or problems, they have a solution! They will replace the parts (within 24 hours in most cases) that are defective and then they analyze the problem.

MTN Snow Equipment’s parts experience minimal downtime because of the company’s quality and speedy service.

The company is in the process of moving to a larger, more suitable home that will give them the opportunity to serve industry even better and faster.