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Fleet Management

AtlasTrax eases asset tracking for improved safety and efficiency

AtlasTrax Communication Worldwide, with the U.S. office in Deerfield Beach, Fla., is a leader in GPS tracking hardware and software, which supports its clients in their daily administration and operations worldwide. Born out of a vision to help improve safety in many industries that use GPS satellite tracking and detailed maps, AtlasTrax is an expert in snow grooming tracking and winter sports, as well as all assets (ATV, boats, personal watercraft) that need safety, productivity and theft recovery.

AtlasTrax Communication Worldwide was co-founded by Jean-François Farjon, who has over 20 years of experience in the field of asset-tracking and management, and continually adds products, technology and mapping advancements to the service line-up.

Carolyn Stash, president of AtlasTrax USA Corp., overseas the U.S. and Caribbean asset tracking markets.

Farjon said, “Safety of groomer operators while out in the night and during blizzards is such a crucial concept to keep operators safe and also track productivity of groomers. And knowing which trails have been groomed within a certain period of time give the snowmobiles the best experience on the trails.” Detailed reports, which include run hours, miles groomed, times out on the trails and all statistical details, are a few clicks away on AtlasTrax’s proprietary maps.

Indeed, managing a snow grooming and snowmobile fleet requires a considerable amount of work and organization. In this respect, AtlasTrax’s devices have allowed some customers to decrease operations costs by 10 percent with the AtlasTrax GPS system. By installing AtlasTrax GPS trackers on snow groomers, snowmobiles and other assets, the number of vehicles required to service the tracks can be decreased. This is due to less time spent ensuring crew shifts work properly, as the time the groomers spend on the track, as well as their location, can be traced easily in real-time on the online map provided by AtlasTrax. All AtlasTrax GPS trackers are ideal for snow groomers, snowmobiles, boats, ATVs and all assets in a fleet.

The hardware itself is durable and requires little installation and maintenance skills. It is waterproof, ruggedized and designed for extreme cold. AtlasTrax’s GroomTrax usually require only one set of batteries for an entire season – it holds up like a champ!

MiniTrax (three by two inches) is a compact waterproof GPS satellite tracker that can be hardwired and battery reports are sent daily. This tracker is custom programmed according to the client’s needs and can report locations by minute, hour or daily, or as needed and even at specific times of day. If an asset is moved, MiniTrax will start sending alert notifications by text or email, and draw detailed maps with information such as latitude and longitude, heading times and miles traveled.

AtlasTrax’s new SolarTrax charges by solar power and never requires batteries. SolarTrax is a GPS tracker charged by the sun. It can be installed outside, in view of the sun and will continuously recharge itself. The internal battery stores the charge for a long time and is monitored daily. This tracker can also be hardwired and can draw power from the asset, thus not requiring the sun for charging. Also, it’s waterproof and can withstand very low temperatures. Totally maintenance free tracking

Stash said, “Both MiniTrax and SolarTrax are easy to self-install, maintain and move between assets as needed. This allows for flexibility between assets in any fleet and the trackers can be moved from winter grooming equipment to summer and fall trail clearing machinery with ease.”

Groomers, snowmobiles or other recreation vehicles can be tracked well beyond cellular range and can be followed in real-time by management and family. In this way, abnormally long periods spent in a single spot can be detected early on and rescue can be dispatched accordingly as highlighted by the following case studies:

One season, an operator had a hydraulic system failure in the middle of the night with no cellular coverage. He found himself in a dangerous situation. His wife was able to follow his course on AtlasTrax maps and realized something was wrong when he stopped moving. She called the office and a rescue team to his location.

An operator had a near-fatal accident when his snowmobile fell through thin ice into a lake while grooming trails. He was able to jump out and save himself and the snowmobile was able to send a signal. His family was tracking his movements and noticed he had stopped moving. The office was able to send help right away to find and assist him.

AtlasTrax’s team is available 24/7 to make custom solutions, take orders and answer any questions. They have the ability to track assets of any kind, anywhere in the world.

The AtlasTrax team will be pleased to help snow grooming operations, ski resorts and ski areas choose the tracking and management solution that is most suited to their needs or to make a custom application for the upcoming winter season.  

Call 613-276-8580 (worldwide) or Carolyn Stash at 954-465-3743 (U.S.), visit or email or for more information.