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Tracked by the Sun

Atlastrax releases a solar-powered tracker for snow groomers

Atlastrax Communications Worldwide, a leader in satellite GPS tracking hardware and software, has over 22 years of experience in the field of asset-tracking and management. The company specializes in helping to increase productivity and safety in the snow grooming industry.

JF Farjon, founder of Atlastrax Communication Worldwide, saw a need for a versatile maintenance-free, solar-based tracker and last season added the SolarTrax GPS tracker to Atlaxtrax’s line of maintenance-free trackers.

The SolarTrax can be hardwired and installed to the exterior of a snow grooming machine, in view of the sun, and will continuously recharge itself. It can also be kept inside the groomer cab. SolarTrax has an internal rechargeable battery that does not require any maintenance. The charge is stored for about three months based on usage. However, if the tracker is installed and has access to sunlight, it will continue to recharge itself. Also, it’s waterproof and is safe for hazardous environments over the temperature range of -40°F to 149°F (-40°C to 65°C). SolarTrax trackers are portable and can be moved from asset to asset as needed. The trackers also show the hours of run time for the machine and a simple report can be downloaded for equipment maintenance scheduling.

A couple of long-time Altastrax users are Washington State Parks and Wyoming State Trails. Washington State Parks is using over 50 SolarTrax to help manage their groomer fleet, while Wyoming State Trails deploys over 25 trackers yearly for their winter snow operation and management of trails.

Carolyn Stash, who oversees Atlastrax USA Corp. said, “Ease of installation and out of the box, pre-activated start up for a new client is what makes Atlastrax user friendly and easy to implement into any winter trail program, even with a short window until winter. Our specialty is combining our hardware with our custom, very detailed maps that help clients with calculating miles groomed, location of groomers if overdue, and even working with other mapping upgrades to be able to share with trail riders what trails are freshly groomed or have been groomed recently.”

If an asset is moved, all Atlastrax GPS trackers will start sending alert notifications by text or email, and draw detailed maps including information such as latitude, longitude, heading times and miles traveled. Full satellite imagery shows the exact location in a standard map or satellite view for ease.

One of the favorite trackers for smaller hiding areas is the MiniTrax (three by two inches). It is a compact, waterproof GPS satellite tracker that can run on battery alone or be hardwired. Battery reports are sent daily, and last for about 1,000 message or up to six months. This tracker is custom programmed according to the client’s needs and can report locations by minute, hour or daily, or as needed and even at specific times of day.

Atlastrax is available 24/7 for support and to help design custom solutions for the upcoming winter season. For more information, call 613-276-8580 (Worldwide) or 954-465-3743 (US), visit or email or