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A refreshed digital look comes with this issue

Snowboarder with laptop on mountain

Hello, readers of SnowOps!

I’m excited to be writing this editor’s message to you. Not only because this issue has some very interesting content, but also because I have an announcement to make.

This issue of SnowOps focused mainly on risk management for snow operations. We all know that ensuring that the slopes are fluffy and ready for skiers and snowboarders requires a lot of work, effort and security.

Snow grooming operators, resort managers and lift maintenance operators deal with challenging winter conditions and complex machines that carry potential risks. I can only imagine the relief it is to finish a shift knowing that everyone is safe and sound.

With the need to mitigate these dangers and ensure the safety of both operators and guests, several companies have come up with the latest technology to ensure effective risk management. Read our Cover Story about LoneStar Tracking, a company that provides GPS systems to locate people, wildlife and equipment. While the company has been operating for a while, it was only recently that it entered the snow operations sector, bringing extensive experience working in severe weather conditions, including freezing cold.

Another company, Whitcomb Resolution, is introducing a new risk management concept – the fractional risk manager – as a way to free ski resorts’ general managers of much of the responsibility of also being a risk manager. Fractional risk managers work on a contract or part-time basis.

How does one improve navigation on the slopes for both guests and snow groomers? VistaMap has the answer. The company is transforming navigation with digital maps, interactive displays and intuitive interfaces, offering flexibility and adaptability across different settings. Owner Gary Milliken provides clear and comprehensive representations of all mountain information, designed to his clients’ specific needs.

For this issue’s Resort Profile, we feature Steamboat Ski Resort, which is undergoing a multi-million-dollar transformation and celebrating its 60th anniversary this year. Learn about the resort’s history as well as the exciting improvements taking place during the Full Steam Ahead project. This resort offers exciting activities for all – whether guests love snow sports or prefer alternative winter entertainment.

We featured a snowmobiling club located in Ninilchik, Alaska. The volunteer-based club looks after the maintenance of trails from Kasilof, Clam Gulch through the backcountry of Ninilchik to the edge waters of Caribou Lake; a total of 120 miles of trails.

Now, onto my announcement: we launched a brand new website!

Ever since I started working with SnowOps, I knew this new feature was much needed. Our website worked, but it needed some improvement to reflect our digital growth. It had become outdated and not reflective of our commitment to bring the best content and experience to our readers and clients.

We hired a great web designer, Matt Rock, who has been working non-stop on this project and I think he did an excellent job. He has redesigned the entire website and presented us with a sleek design that is modern and user-friendly, making it more visually appealing and navigation more intuitive.

Another great feature of the new website is the ability to adapt seamlessly to various devices, such as desktops, tablets and smartphones. This way you can access our content from anywhere without worrying about compatibility issues or a loss in user experience.

As you are reading this message, our new website is up and running. Here, you will find all the articles published in the magazine, as well as our digital editions.

Let me take a moment to also acknowledge and commend our magazine for being one of the few publications that still does print. So many have gone all digital, but we take pride in printing and delivering each one of our issues. There’s just something about holding the magazine, the smell of printed paper and having that special delivery that digital issues cannot replicate. We’re committed to preserving the timeless joy of flipping through the pages of a printed magazine. It’s our way of ensuring that our readers can savor the best of both worlds, whether in print or online.

I want to invite you to check out our new website here at As always, I’m open to your feedback and suggestions, be it for the magazine or the website. Just send me an email at Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and sign up for our e-newsletter.

See you in 2024! 

Ligia Braidotti