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Embracing Winter Wonders

As winter’s icy embrace settles in, I hope you are relishing the beauty of the snowy season and taking the opportunity to embrace its wonders. As you embark on your winter adventures, whether it is grooming the snow or servicing a ski resort, take a moment to revel in the serenity that a snowfall brings. I once heard the crisp, cold air is supposed to bring clarity to our minds.

In this edition of SnowOps, you will find a collection of stories, tips and insights to enhance your winter experience. In this issue, we delved into cutting-edge snow storing technologies. Snow Secure, distributed by Fortynine51, was created in 2000 to help ski resorts store snow even during the summer months. Learn how this is done.

In this issue’s Resort Profile we take you on a journey to Sugarbush Resort in Warren, Vt. Nestled amidst the stunning Green Mountains, Sugarbush is not only a haven for winter sports enthusiasts, but a destination that boasts a rich history and a commitment to providing an exceptional snow experience. Our article explores its terrain and the behind-the-scenes work to ensure guests have the best experience. From the challenging trails that beckon seasoned skiers and snowboarders to the family-friendly slopes catering to all skill levels, Sugarbush is a beloved winter retreat.

SnowOps is committed to promoting sustainability and responsible snow management practices. In this issue, we examine the efforts of resorts and organizations working towards environmental initiatives to preserve our winter landscapes for generations to come. The National Ski Areas Association recently released the Climate Challenge Annual Report 2023, which shows how ski resorts participating in the challenge are reducing their greenhouse gas emissions. Read highlights of the report.

In the midst of all the technology and glamour, we haven’t forgotten the heartwarming stories that make the snow community so special. In our Trail Tales section, we turn the spotlight on the Mercer Area Sno-Goers snowmobile club. Nestled in Mercer, Wis., the club counts on a tight-knit community of enthusiasts who share a passion for exploring the 250 miles of trails. Our article delves into the experiences that define the Mercer Sno-Goers, from the trails they groom to the camaraderie that fuels their winter adventures.

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Ligia Braidotti