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Diversifying Operations

Wishing you much health, happiness and success as we kick off a new year!

At the end of September 2021, the Cross-Country Ski Areas Association sent a survey to its membership to gauge this industry sector’s thoughts on snowmaking. Of course, a snowmaking program is standard at most alpine ski resorts and ski areas, but for cross-country and Nordic programs, its use is less common.

Despite many areas considering to implement a snowmaking system, cost continues to be a major barrier to adoption for these smaller areas. However, that may need to change and new solutions may need to emerge as climate change continues to affect North America’s ski areas of all industry sectors. Find the survey results here.

The need to diversify operations, both to attract new guests and to generate additional revenue in the face of shortened snow seasons continues to press on industry. With the pandemic continuing to keep international travelers away, and encouraging locals to explore their own backyards. Writer Rebecca Henderson caught up SE Group to discuss how ski resorts and ski areas can diversify their program offerings.

Diversifying operations goes beyond what occurs on the slopes. Attracting and retaining a diverse workforce will help draw new entrants to industry. Working River Leadership Group offers some great advice on what diversity, equity and inclusion looks like in the snowsports industry, and why ski areas and ski resorts should make this a key focus in 2022.

Overcoming the challenges facing our industry will take unique, out-of-the-box ideas. One such idea is Seasonal Connect. It’s a subscription-based platform that connects U.S. employers with seasonal employees from around the world. It provides an opportunity for workers to find meaningful year-round employment, and a chance for employers to address the labor shortage.

Don’t miss this issue’s Trail Tales. This north of the border profile met up with the Snow Raiders Snowmobile Club, based out of Ste. Anne, Man. The club is ready to go after having to scrap last season due to low snowfall.

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