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Storage solutions can increase guest capacity

Table with signs on display and jackets on chairs

When guests have no place to store their ski gear, it tends to go on top of tables or on the floor. The result is less seating available for guests, and little room for food and beverages. This equates to lost revenue, safety problems and customer dissatisfaction.

Clutter™ Baskets were created to increase seating capacity in restaurants and other eating areas without adding tables and chairs or benches. When Clutter™ Baskets are added to the tables or mounted over bars and counters, it gives customers a place for their ski gear. No seats are blocked because of the clutter on the tables, bars and counters.

The standard Clutter™ Basket products are made of powder-coated expanded steel. They can also be made of other materials (perforated steel, aluminum, galvanized steel, etc.). There are several mounting options (quick disconnect or permanent table mounting, suspended from the ceiling or beams, replacement for the umbrella in outdoor patio tables, etc.). Logos, resort names, etc., can be laser cut into the products to personalize them for the resort. They can be painted to match the color scheme of the business.

Small signs can be added to the sides of the Clutter™ Baskets to advertise other services the resort offers, or to generate revenue from local businesses or sponsors.

To help address the Covid-19 pandemic, plastic protective barriers can be added to divide a table into individual spaces. To learn move, visit