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Enormous Savings

The Swiss are pros at handling money. PistenBully is the pro for the slopes. By using SNOWsat and the PRO ACADEMY St. Moritz has saved 224,000 Swiss francs at the Alpine Ski World Championships.

Engadin St. Moritz Mountains AG set itself the goal of making the FIS Alpine Ski World Championships 2017 the “most sustainable world championships in snow management”. This has now been achieved to impressive effect.

Thanks to optimised use of the vehicles during the World Championships, the firm consumed 95,000 litres less diesel, producing 249 tonnes less CO2 and 2 tonnes less NOX. Because all fleet vehicles have been fitted with particulate filters, there was a reduction in fine dust particulates of 113 kilograms. The savings in water are especially impressive, achieved by optimising the entire snow-making process (minus 16 million litres) and power (minus 368,000 kWh).

Adrian Jordan, Head of Technology COO at Engadin St. Moritz Mountains AG, now quantifies the savings very specifically: “By using less energy and working the vehicles for fewer hours, we are taking about a saving of almost 224,000 francs for the World Championships alone.”

Watch the film of the Alpine Ski World Championships.