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Progressive extension in Norway

The ski resorts of Hafjell and Kvitfjell are situated in the heart of Norway. Just half an hour apart from each other, they both belong to the AlpincoGroup. The ski resorts have long been doing business with TechnoAlpin and have been producing snow with over 200 TechnoAlpin snow guns in total.

The resorts will be upgrading their snowmaking systems in 2017 to an even higher level in order to keep pace with the most innovative technology on the market.

Kvitfjell was a venue for the 1994 Winter Olympics and has hosted the annual FIS Ski World Cup races ever since. The ski resort has been relying on TechnoAlpin snow guns for over 10 years. The system’s first pumping station was automated in 2006. Through the use of ATASSplus it was possible to introduce fully automatic control of snowmaking processes early on.

By 2017 two thirds of the slopes were equipped with automatic snow guns. Half of them are T40 fan guns and the other half are V3 snow lances. The new Varden zone will be developed by TechnoAlpin this year. In addition to the extension of the pumping station, 24 snow lances (V3) and 8 mobile connection points will be installed. There will also be a total of four new TR8 fan guns to boost the snowmaking operations, three of them of the mobile variety and one mounted on a 3.5-meter lift.

The ski resort of Hafjell encompasses just under 45 km of slopes and was the first resort in Norway to work with TechnoAlpin towards the end of the 1990s. This ski resort also has plans to upgrade in 2017 and will be installing 11 new TR8 fan guns. The revolutionary machine, which was only launched a few months ago, boasts incredible ease of maintenance and innovative technology. Both the drive technology and the entire housing of the snow gun have been completely redesigned.