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New TR8 fleet for Aspen

Aspen Skiing Company, the Colorado based ski resort operator, renewed its confidence in TechnoAlpin snow guns and signed a contract to get brand new TR8 fan guns for the next winter season. 

Today, Aspen Skiing Company operates 4 mountains, Snowmass, Aspen Mountain, Aspen Highlands and Buttermilk, and needs to make sure that it will have the best-in class equipment in order to make the perfect snow on its slopes. This is true for their guests of Aspen Skiing Company in order to offer them the best snow conditions possible all winter long.

But it is also true for the major winter sport events that take place on the Mountains of Aspen Skiing Company, like the X-Games which have been organized in Buttermilk for several seasons now! And TechnoAlpin USA is proud to take its share and to contribute to the successful snowmaking operations, with its equipment making part of the snow for this major event on the slopes of Buttermilk.

For the coming season, TechnoAlpin USA will deliver no less than 23 brand new fan guns! All TR8, including 20 mobile machines and 3 tower mounted units.

The TR8, released earlier this year, offers a revolutionary concept and contains state-of-the-art technologies: A single IE4 energy efficiency motor powers the fan and the oil-free rotary vane air compressor; the compressed air is cooled down through a unit integrated into the water valve block ensuring a constantly optimum air temperature. The variable speed drive technology that controls the motor allows operating at maximum efficiency all the time. In addition, its streamlined design, with integrated weather station, led warning lamp, offers no protruding parts to avoid snow build-up. And its side panels that open upward, giving an easy access to all the gun’s key components, make it very easy to maintain!

No doubt, with its large new fleet of TR8, Aspen will have the most modern snowmaking equipment in North America and will strengthen dramatically its snowmaking capacities.