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In the Snow

Start digitizing maintenance processes now

SNOWsat Maintain Basic from Kässbohrer is a digital free service offer to make daily work easier: A tool for success. Start digitizing maintenance processes now, easily and free of charge.

Some of the features include:

  • Digital service record for PistenBully snow grooming machines.
  • PistenBully maintenance plans including an automatic reminder function.
  • Time saving through predefined spare parts lists and checklists for individual maintenance.
  • Manage all important information about a PistenBully snow grooming machine with a single application. Get to know the digital service record and never miss maintenance again.
  • Central provision of all vehicle-specific documents.
  • Simplified spare parts ordering (interface to the PistenBully spare parts store).
  • Take advantage of all the benefits of the new spare parts online store.

Now, every single vehicle in a ski area’s fleet can be given a unique name, specific to the area. For example, one vehicle may be called, “Pistenbully 23,” and another, “Betty.” This is a huge benefit for technicians in workshops. With the new search function, data can be pulled quickly for any vehicle in a fleet.

To sign up for SNOWsat Maintain Basic, contact a local service partner to set up an account and get started.

Coloring pages and territory adjustments at Tucker Sno-Cat

Coloring pages

In December, Tucker Sno-Cat released new coloring pages available for adults and children on the Tucker Sno-Cat store website. New pages will be added every month. Tucker Sno-Cat owners can send their favorite picture of their machines, which could be added to the collection. Email potential pictures to

Canadian territory adjustment

Residents of Manitoba and Ontario have the ability to purchase Tucker Sno-Cat products factory direct. Currently Tucker is in the process of making adjustments, and as of now, Tucker Sno-Cat Corporation is the authorized dealer for these two provinces. Contact Tucker Sno-Cat with any questions or needs.

Take a Friend Snowmobiling

The Go Snowmobiling/Take a Friend Snowmobiling campaign has been supported by the snowmobile community over the years. Snowmobile clubs and associations across North America have taken military personnel snowmobiling, coordinated enlightenment rides with land managers and often just have fun organizing snowmobile rides with friends and family. The trails and riding areas in many parts of North America are amazing and offer great opportunities to take friends snowmobiling.

The Take a Friend Snowmobiling rides highlight the “wow-factor” and the pure enjoyment that people have then they first ride a snowmobile. First-time snowmobilers can’t quit talking about how much fun the ride was. When taking a friend snowmobiling, remember this may very well be their first time on a snowmobile. Chances are that a ‘normal’ ride would seem like a marathon to an uninitiated friend. Let friends enjoy that first day of snowmobiling. Again, enjoy the ride, make it relatively short, make it simple and remember that it is always a good idea to feed guests.

The Go Snowmobiling/Take a Friend Snowmobiling campaign is also joined with the Safe Riders! Campaign. The International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association (ISMA) has a 13 chapter Safe Riders! video series that can be found on its website at The chapters are a great tool when introducing a friend to snowmobiling and will help make the ride more enjoyable for everyone.

Be sure to visit and like the ISMA Facebook page before participating in the Go Snowmobiling campaign at ISMA has thousands of friends who post pictures of their experiences or information to snowmobile enthusiasts worldwide. Please consider completing the short general survey when visiting the Facebook page. ISMA is constantly surveying snowmobile customers to see how they can better serve the community.

Go out and have fun, take a friend snowmobiling and enjoy winter. The “Take a Friend Snowmobiling Campaign Action Manual” can be found at Review it and share it with others.