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One thousand professional vehicles for ski slopes around the world

The PistenBully 600 set a milestone in slope preparation. 1,000th vehicle of the current series handed over to Austrian ski area of Hochoetz
Sales rep, Managers, and Installer posing for photo in front of 1,000th PistenBully 600

The success story of the PistenBully 600 is impressive: Starting with its introduction in 2005, it set a milestone in slope preparation. Even its current generation, introduced in 2018 with the “LevelRed” tag, can look back at an impressive career worldwide. Now the 1,000th vehicle of the current series has been handed over to its proud owner, the Austrian ski area of Hochoetz.

One reason why Hochoetz consistently chooses PistenBully is that, “Our ski area and the red PistenBully vehicles share the same values. They are quality products that are a testament to long-term considerations. As the operations manager of the vehicle fleet, I rely on durable machines that perform well even in extreme situations. For this reason, Kässbohrer is a great partner for us,” said Christoph Köll, operations manager of the vehicle fleet.

PistenBully Hochoetz
Hochoetz is not just a purely red ski area; the entire red fleet is also equipped with SNOWsat. The digital snow depth measurement returns data for targeted grooming of slopes. This conserves water, fuel and energy, contributing to environmental protection.

“We also collaborated very closely with our customers to develop the PistenBully 600. The outcome was a machine whose operating concept and features are so unique so that it has been making a statement ever since its introduction,” said Christian Paar, managing director of Kässbohrer Austria GmbH.

In addition, all six vehicles in the ski area are equipped with SNOWsat – a clear commitment to environ­mental protection. “I am highly pleased to see this 1,000th vehicle in operation in Hochoetz now,” Paar said.

The PistenBully 600 sets standards. In this first snow groomer with an European Stage V engine and standard diesel particulate filter, great importance was placed on making it environmentally friendly. The best power-to-weight ratio and, at the same time, extremely high power output embodies sustainable and efficient slope management of the highest order.

The ingenious assistance systems such as AutoTracer, SlopeTracer and AutoWinch are beneficial if there is a need for extreme gradeability and pushing performance.