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Big Sky Resort unveils first apartment-style employee housing, walkable to the resort

New units are walkable to the resort, easing burden on local transportation infrastructure

Big Sky Resort is proud to announce the opening of Levinski Lodge, the first apartment-style housing for resort team members. Levinski Lodge A is the first of three buildings in the new Levinski Lodge housing campus. Buildings B and C, a mix of dormitory and apartment-style rooms, will open for winter 2023–24.

The new units are walkable to the resort, making for a quick commute and easing the burden on local transportation infrastructure.

“We want our team members to live right here in Big Sky. It enlivens the community, and it’s better for the employee, atmosphere and climate,” said Troy Nedved, the resort’s general manager.

Levinski Lodge is the first housing for team members at Big Sky Resort. Each apartment is fully furnished, including a full kitchen, common space, spacious bathrooms, storage closets and free laundry facilities.

“Building sustainable housing is not just about location. We’ve included the best efficiency measures to further reduce our environmental impact, including low-flow water fixtures and an energy-efficient HVAC system,” said Amy Fonte, the resort’s sustainability specialist. “The complex will be partially powered by rooftop solar panels, the resort’s first net-metered solar installation, which puts clean energy directly into the grid.”

Levinski Lodge A will house 35 team members, including some moving in with their families. “Recognizing that we need more diverse and affordable housing options is crucial to address the housing shortage in the Big Sky community,” said Nedved. “Apartment-style units address a part of the population that has not quite fit in our other housing offerings.”

The opening of the Levinski Lodge is just one piece of Big Sky Resort’s significant investment in team member housing. In the past five years, Big Sky Resort has built and opened more than 350 additional beds in Big Sky, all within walking distance of the resort. Big Sky Resort offers 826 team member beds, more than seven times the ski industry average.

“Ultimately, our goal is to reach 1,000 beds in Big Sky, which would house approximately half of our team in the winter season. We’re on track to reach that goal by the winter 2023–24 season,” Nedved said.