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New snowmobile sales data for winter 2021–22

Snowmobilers enjoyed the winter of 2021–22, finding reasonable snow conditions in many parts of North America. New snowmobiles sales totaled 130,644 worldwide, a two percent decline from the previous year.

Sales in all three major markets (United States, Canada, and Scandinavia) were strong overall, supported by record breaking sales of parts, garments and accessories. In the U.S., 53,821 new snowmobiles were sold, while 50,943 new snowmobiles were sold in Canada. Sales in Europe showed a slight increase in Finland, reporting 3,736 units sold compared to 3,437 units last year, and Sweden continues its strong sales activity with 8,671 new sleds sold following last year’s sales of 8,443 sleds. Overall sales in Europe and Russia were 25,880 snowmobiles sold – a 10 percent increase in sales from last year.

There are 1.2 million registered snowmobiles in the U.S. and over 601,000 in Canada. The registration numbers continue to increase, showing that snowmobiling continues to be an active, healthy winter sport. Registration in Northern Europe is steady, and there are 320,000 active snowmobilers in Scandinavia.

Surveys show that 74 percent of the snowmobiling households own two snowmobiles, and 39 percent own three snowmobiles.

The most recent surveys show that snowmobilers spend, on average, over $3,500 annually per family supporting snowmobiling activities, and that does not include the purchase of a snowmobile and trailer.