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The Village of Taos Ski Valley adopts ProStar’s solution for emergency rapid response

ProStar Holdings Inc., a company which specializes in precision mapping solutions, announced on June 21 that The Village of Taos Ski Valley has adopted ProStar’s PointMan solution for its underground infrastructure emergency rapid response.

“Even though we have invested hundreds of thousands to develop GIS mapping, getting the PointMan application provided us with an affordable, user-friendly tool to upload field data and develop a utility map,” said John Avila, The Village of Taos Ski Valley administrator. “With the accurate mapping, we hope to create the asset management plan, and locate pipes and fixtures for repair and replacement to avoid possible emergency failures.”

The Village of Taos Ski Valley’s ski resort faced an unexpected early closure during the 2022/23 ski season due to emergency water leaks in their system. The unfortunate incident was exacerbated by the lack of accurate location data of its highly complex buried utility network, a common issue at mountain resorts. The premature water shutdown impacted both the ski resort and the village residents. To help mitigate future disruptions to business operations and its residents, The Village of Taos Ski Valley has adopted PointMan to precisely map its underground infrastructure, minimizing the impact of any future incidences.

“An incidence like this is obviously devastating for any ski resort and its residents,” said Page Tucker, CEO of ProStar. “Inaccurate records of utility locations is a growing concern that impacts a broad range of industries around the world, and PointMan is proving to be an easy-to-use, best-in-class solution that addresses this growing concern for any size entity including Fortune 500 firms, government agencies to ski resorts.